Women Only Classes

Want to get fit? Meet new people? Learn to defend yourself in a safe and fun environment? NKM runs a regular women’s classes Tuesday 7-8pm every week and are suitable for ladies to join in at any point in the year.

The basic women’s self-defence syllabus covers solutions a range of useful topics, including:

  • Improving awareness;
  • Understanding pre-confrontation triggers and situational ‘red flags’;
  • Effective verbal communication and body language;
  • Reducing miscommunication;
  • Understanding and maintaining boundaries and personal space;
  • Releases from different types of grabs and holds – covering both unwanted touching and violent holding;
  • Learning to punch and kick effectively, including targeting vulnerable areas
  • Getting up from the ground quickly and safely;
  • Dealing with groups and multiple attackers;
  • Escaping safely;
  • Developing an aggressive and winning mentality; and
  • Strategies to deal with the aftermath of an incident.

The lessons are suitable for women of all ages and levels of fitness. If you are interested in attending our women’s lessons, please contact us on info@northernkravmagamanchester.com or 07980 736 328.

Private group classes

We can also offer the Introductory Stay Away to private groups including businesses, schools, universities and any women's associations interesting in learning more about the 'Stay Away' programme.  Please contact Jamie directly for a discussion about your needs and they can be tailored towards a specific aspect of concern.

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