Northern Krav Maga Classes For Women

The IKMF 'Stay Away' Women's Self-Defence Programme is one of the most in-depth self-defence courses designed specifically for women.  The statistics on violence against women show that a quarter of women will experience a serious sexual assault within their lifetime and 100% of women will be subjected to sexual harassment.  The 'Stay Away' programme has been developed to give women effective tools and empower them to deal with these situations.

The programme deals with the physical and psychological aspects of threats that women might face, including effective harnessing of a woman's inner alarm and empowering her into taking action.  Women have more strength than they will ever know and the 'Stay Away' programme will help participants harness this strength.  During the delivery of the courses, the Instructors are honest and frank about the problems that women may face, but ensure that they are delivered with the appropriate level of sensitivity.  The Instructors also approach the courses with a degree of personal experience and honesty, using personal stories and experience to enrich the learning of ladies in the group.

NKM runs the ‘Stay Away’ programme is run in two formats:

  • Core Stay Away Seminar: this is a three hour introductory seminar designed to give ladies an understanding of self-defence from a woman’s perspective and focuses on the key interactions between men and women where self-defence risks can be prevented.  The seminar is valuable on its own or as an introduction for those that want to go on and complete the six week self-defence course.
  • Six Week Stay Away Course: NKM runs two six week courses each year, consisting of six two hours sessions, with each session focusing on a different aspect of self-defence for women.

The courses are suitable for women of all ages and levels of fitness. 

Private group classes

We can also offer the Introductory Stay Away to private groups including businesses, schools, universities and any women's associations interesting in learning more about the 'Stay Away' programme.  Please contact Jamie directly for a discussion about your needs and they can be tailored towards a specific aspect of concern.

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