Corporate, School and Charity Training

NKM is one of the key providers of self-defence training for corporate clients in Greater Manchester.  In the eight years that NKM has been operating we have run hundreds of corporate courses for organisations as diverse as the BBC, Captify, IGNITE, MOTIV8, The University of Manchester, We Mind the Gap and dozens more.  Our work for corporate clients has varied from contributing to health and well-being programmes through to providing security and self-defence training relevant to their staff, customers and clients.  Whatever your reason for wanting NKM to provide training for your organisation, get in touch and we can discuss a training package that is right for you.

We have experience of working in schools and are proud to partner with several schools around Greater Manchester and Cheshire on an annual basis. We run self-defence courses specifically aimed at the various age groups at different schools, we specialise in delivering the following:

  • Ages 5-11: for primary school students we deliver courses that revolve around games and fun, focusing on the key principles of self-defence for this age group such as increased awareness, evasion, escaping and relasing holds
  • Ages 12-16: for secondary school students we focus on teaching self-defence through the ‘timeline’ principles and approach, including avoiding danger, dealing with the ‘pre-fight’, combative techniques for use within the fight and how to recover and escape ‘post-fight’.
  • Women and Girls Only: we successfully run our women’s only STAY AWAY course in schools each year, focusing on self-defence problems specific to women.

Finally, we do a great deal of work across the charitable sector, in particular with organisations involved in the care and development of people from vulnerable backgrounds.  This includes working with them to design programmes that make their clients safer and better educated about violence. 

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