Law enforcement and security

NKM specialise in the teaching of not only applicable physical defence techniques relevant to both security and law enforcement, but also the relevant use of force considerations, legislation and behavioural indicators to consider when interacting with both the public and suspicious people.

The context of the self-defence problems that might face security and law enforcement are different to that of a regular civilian, as security and law enforcement have to insert themselves into potentially dangerous situations to maintain public order, prevent harm to individuals and the public and, in the context of law enforcement, bring suspected criminals to the courts for consideration of their offences against society.

We teach solutions to the problems faced by these two specific groups ‘from the ground up’ meaning we look at the ‘timeline’ of problems these individuals insert themselves into; this means looking carefully at the following:

  • Risk assessment of both situations and individuals
  • Understanding danger cues, pre-fight indicators and subject behaviour
  • Using our initial self-defence tools – our voice, our position and our presence
  • Understanding compliance levels in subjects and the appropriate level of force response
  • Working within relevant use of force legislation for the role
  • Use of available kit-based tools, particularly in the context of law enforcement
  • Ensuring that you can appropriately explain and justify your use of force decisions
  • Dealing with the appropriate internal and external authorities appropriate for each role

If you’re interested in training with NKM, and are a professional in the above fields, please get in touch with us directly and we’re happy to go into more depth about the professional experience of the team that delivers this training.  For personal security reasons, we don’t offer this as public knowledge on our website or social media. 

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