Northern Krav Maga For Kids & TEENS

Kids Classes – ages 5 – 11 years

Our kids Krav Maga classes are built around the ability of young children to learn, have fun and appropriately cope with the complexities of learning self-defence.  The programme covers areas of self-defence of particular concern to young children, such as awareness, stranger danger, kidnapping and bullying.  The Krav Maga programme at NKM is amongst the best and most relevant self-defence training programmes available for young children, taking account of their mental and physical maturity and ensuring that all learning is done with lots of fun!

The training aims to improve their self-discipline and their self-esteem, in addition to building confidence, respect and discipline.  The kids classes make use of stories and games to help improve co-ordination, responses and technical skills.

Teens Classes – ages 11 – 16 years

The teens class is an interim level class that acknowledges the differences between children, teenagers and adults.  It allows teenagers to adjust to a higher level of training without the pressure of being thrown into an adult training environment, but also teach responses to common self-defence problems that are relevant to teenagers.

Students in the teens class will learn about self-defence problems within their age grouping, as it can often be missed that the dangers this age group face can be wide and varied but also increasingly dangerous as they become independent and begin to explore the ‘real world’ on their own terms.

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