Northern Krav Maga For Kids

NKM also offer two different levels of training for Kids and Teens from our purpose-built Krav Maga Training Centre in Vernon Mill. We run a dedicated Krav Maga for Kids (under-12’s) class. The programme covers areas of self-defence of particular concern to children under-12. It includes dealing with awareness, kidnapping, stranger-danger and anti-bullying amongst other training concepts. Krav Maga programmes are amongst the best and most relevant self-defence programmes in the world for under-12’s as they are specifically designed taking into account the physicality and mentality of children and teenagers.

NKM also run a Teens class for those aged 12-16 years old. This is an interim level class that acknowledges the differences between young children and teenagers, but also allows teenagers to adjust to a higher level of training without the pressure of learning in an adult environment.

The training also aims to improve their self-esteem, in addition to building confidence, respect and discipline. Both the Kids and Teens programmes use Krav Maga games to help develop co-ordination, learn to follow directions, increase assertiveness and subconsciously build the technical movements that are involved in executing the Krav Maga techniques.

Parents are encouraged to watch and sometimes participate in the classes; as a key element of kids' and teens' self-defence is building a mutual understanding of situations and danger between family members. NKM considers this a key strength of the kids self-defence programmes offered through the IKMF.

Students in both programmes learn a lot about commitment and endurance. Krav Maga teaches them to appreciate and be proud of their achievements when learning a new technique or passing their grade test. They get a true sense of the path they are on and their progress and they realize that no goal is impossible. We teach kids and junior students that they should always strive to win through the Krav Maga games and the mindset instilled in training – we teach them that winning, in the context of self-defence, is to be applauded and should always be the goal.

NKM is very lucky to have two qualified Krav Maga Kids Instructors - Jamie Birtles and Ged Ellis. They are both enthusiastic about teaching kids to be safe! They sometimes wonder if they have more fun teaching the kids classes than the students!

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